Search Engine Optimization

Websketching has 10 years experience in Search Engine Optimization of online content so search engines tend to show certain key words as a top result. For example a key word for this website is “South Jersey Web Design” a Google search results in 7,840,000 websites, Websketching is number 2.

There are no tricks to Search Engine Optimization, just good practices.

Our websites are built on a WordPress platform.  WordPress has great SEO right out of the box — you don’t have to do anything extra. In fact, WordPress takes care of 80-90 percent of the mechanics of SEO.

But there is more: Each page should have a meta description, enough content, some external links and other standard good writing practices, such as relevant content, key word density and key phrases, yet avoiding stuffing key words to get good search results, that doesn’t work.

Websketching will write your content in order to get best search results and drive visitors to your site.

Professional Web Design and Search Engine Optimization are our top priorities.

A professional website should be very easy to navigate, have easy to read content and best SEO practices. As a South Jersey Web Designer and SEO professional, Websketching delivers the results you should expect.

Websketching is a full service Web Designer offering custom designed WordPress websites, Search Engine Optimized websites, monthly maintenance, SEO services and training to use WordPress Content Manager.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimized

This page is an example of a 100% SEO webpage, the key word appears in the title of the page, there is an image, a meta description, key words, key word phrases, links, 300 word content and a Flesh Reading Ease score of 63.8 which targets 10th to 12th grade readers. No website needs this much attention but this page is an example of the most anyone can do. Companies that charge $1,000’s of your money to SEO are ripping you of. This took 2 hours, I would not normally spend more than an hour to SEO a page and an hour or two every three or four months looking through every page to see if everything is working .

After a website is SEO there’s nothing to do but check on it. This is done through Google Analytics, we provide a report every month of the visitors to your site.

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Uber-Wordpress-Responsive-Layout-ThemeA Responsive website will be easy to navigate on all internet devices.

Effective web design must include usability and utility as well as visual display. It must be user friendly and easy to navigate. A website that is not responsive does not re-size to tablets or phones making it hard to navigate and you loose potential clients.

Websketching uses the latest technology to make your website responsive to all internet devices and provides best SEO practices to bring more traffic to your site.